Top Guide for Cold & Clean Air in Your House

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As we continue to learn more, we have started to focus on air-related home equipment available in Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. We are starting to assess how this type of equipment can assist your lifestyle and make it better.

Here are some of the top picks.

10 Best Air Cooler in Singapore

Singapore is one hot country almost all year round. For regular residents and household, using the AC all day long can be impractical, recognising the high cost of living in the country. This is why we also continuously have with us an air cooler, one of the best alternatives to air conditioners, with lesser energy consumption and easier usage. 

Ceiling Fan Singapore – 15 Best Models to Bring Back Breeze Air

Ceiling fans are one of the best ventilation life hacks that we have discovered ever since transfering to a new house. They are so space efficient, yet offers a really wide coverage of ventilation. After having owned our own ceiling fan for years, we are happy to share with you our list of the best ceiling fans in Singapore. These are durable and are reasonably priced.

7 Best Stand Fan in Singapore

Stand fans have been around for a long time because they function as the early electronic cooling devices in any country. Nowadays, a stand fan is a complementary appliance to your air-conditioning system.

10 Best Portable Air Conditioners in Malaysia

Malaysia’s weather just seems to be getting more erratic year after year. If you have lived for a couple of months in the country, then you probably experience how humid it can get in just about any city for most parts of the year. Find out the  top 10 Portable Air Conditioners in Malaysia.

14 Best Stand Fan in Malaysia You Can Buy

Stand fans are such home staples, and while I resisted having one thinking I am already content with the air conditioner, the necessity for a stand fan became clearer when I first my electric bill in the next two months. Find out the  top 14 stand fan in Malaysia.

11 Best Ceiling Fan in Malaysia

Did you know that out of all types of fans, the ceiling fan is considered as the most effective in ensuring proper ventilation of a house. It provides better air circulation and while also maintaining a consistent temperature of the room. Find out the  top 11 ceiling fan in Malaysia.

7 Best Air Purifier in Malaysia to Bring Back Clean Air

One of the best inventions that we have invested our money on is an air purifier. This is also how we realised that not all air purifiers are the same, and some really stand out in terms of functionality and value for money. Find out the  top 7 air purifier in Malaysia.

9 Best Air Cooler in Malaysia to beat the Hot Weather

Air coolers are sure lifesavers when you are living in a tropical country like Malaysia. There are days, especially in Kuala Lumpur when mere fans just won’t do. Air coolers are the perfect compromise between fans and air conditioners. Find out the  top 9 air cooler in Malaysia.

7 Best Air Dehumidifier in Malaysia to Manage The Crazy Humidity

One of the main problems of living in a tropical country like Malaysia is having to manage the crazy humidity levels. Without the right ventilation, the house interior suffers from so much moisture being accumulated. Find out the  best 7 air dehumidifier in Malaysia.

6 Best Humidifier in Malaysia for Better Indoor Air

While air conditioners certainly give us the comfort we need daily, long exposure to it can also have an adverse impact on the body. It can mainly be felt by our skin, eyes, and even our respiratory systemFind out the  best 6 Dehumidifier in Malaysia.

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