9 Best Air Cooler in Malaysia to Beat the Hot Weather

Air coolers are sure lifesavers when you are living in a tropical country like Malaysia. There are days, especially in Kuala Lumpur when mere fans just won’t do. Air coolers are the perfect compromise between fans and air conditioners. It has allowed us to stay comfortably cool without having to worry about the crazy electric bills. Plus, adding an air purifier ensures you have the best quality air in your home.

Here are some of our favourite air cooler brands available in Malaysia today.

#1 – Arctic Air Ultra Portable Mini Air Cooler 2019

One of the latest release from the brand, and it comes with all the features we’ve been looking for. It cools the room faster compared to its predecessor and comes in a more space-friendly packaging.

  • Programmable thermostat Cools for up to 8 hours
  • Double Cooling Water

The most important update for this cooler is the less water requirement, yet still, cool a room for long hours. Get its promo price here.

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#2 – SIMPLYBEST Arctic Air Mini USB Portable Desktop Personal Space Cooler & Humidifier

Artic hair is all about portability and this is just a massive favourite! We did not know how much we needed our own handy cooler wherever we go.

  • Energy-efficient No leak design
  • Comes with own filter for cleaner, healthier air Mood lights

Particularly designed for office spaces, you are assured of a comfortable working temperature, while also getting rid of the dry air. Don’t miss this portable cooler, buy it here.

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#3 – Midea ionizer Air Cooler(15L) with Remote Control – MAC-215F

This air cooler topped our list due to its natural blow of hair. Midea mimics nature’s breeze instead of the usual icy effect by other coolers.

  • Can also be used as humidifier, cooler, purifier, or fan Compatible with aroma oils
  • Built-in ioniser LED display

One of the best investments to date, given that it gets rid of all other redundant electronics at home, with all their features roll into this air cooler. Get this at its best price here.

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#4 – Midea MAC-215F Ionizer Air Cooler MAC215F

Here’s another multi-functional air cooler from Midea. It’s one of the in-demand models for apartment and condominiums, because of its compact design, yet packed with features.

  • Can be also used as humidifier, cooler, purifier, or fan
  • Compatible with aroma oils
  • Built-in ionizer
  • LED display

Midea has been in the electronic market for years and has been one of the most trusted brands in Malaysia. This air cooler can effectively prevent bad odour in the room, while also avoiding build-up of moulds. Purchase this online here.

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#5 – TINTON LIFE USB Portable Air Cooler

Whether it’s your office or just your bedside table, Tinton adds not just a cool and healthy breeze, but also a cute sight in your desk. It also comes in different fan settings, depending on your preference.

  • Power fluctuation function With own filtration system
  • Low operating noise With LED mood light

We just love this portable air cooler from Tinton! It’s also effortless to use and maintain. It’s selling out fast in Malaysia, but you can get it online here.

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#6 – KHIND Air Cooler EAC400

Comes with its own reusable ice pack which makes it even more convenient to use. Upon purchase, you will already get two free ice packs.

  • Double cooling filter and mesh Water Pump Sprinkling System
  • Three-speed options

Ideal for home use, with efficient cooling capacity. This air cooler is also among the most affordable in the market today but delivers the basic requirements you need. You can get it at its best price here.

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#7 – Honeywell CL151 Air Cooler 15L

A low-energy consumption air cooler that can cool a room of up to 100 square meter. The best part is it definitely does not give us chilly electricity bills!

  • The five-speed fan setting Evaporative cooler for indoor use cools rooms up to 160 sq. ft./ 15 sq.m.
  • Powerful 206 CFM airflow 0.5 to 7.5-hour shut-off timer

It is also remote-controlled, making it more convenient to adjust cooling temperature and fan speed even from across the room. Honeywell is clearly one of our easy favourites, which is going on sale here.

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#8 – Global Air Cooler GFLS-120M

Global air makes sure to pack their products with lots of features even for their relatively cheaper price. Moreover, it also ensures a more energy-saving option by having the fan mode incorporated in the air cooler.

  • Three wind speeds: Low/Medium/High Works Air purifier, Ionizer and Air cooler
  • Including air filter to filter air and provide fresh air Can use as a normal fan

It now comes with its own ice pack set, too, which we love for convenience purposes.

Don’t miss it’s in sale price here.

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#9 – YET VM45i Powerful Home Air Cooler

If you are a serious air cooler user, especially those with no aircon installed yet, then this is the best product for you. It is powerful and can continuously run for six hours, with low energy consumption.

  • Powerful Air Flow at 4500m3/h airflow Fan/ Air Cooler/ Ionizer
  • 30L tank capacity runs for 6 hours High-Quality Cooling Pad – Honey Comb Pad + Fiber, Cooling Pad

It also comes with its own remote control and timer for more convenience. You can buy this online here.

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How do air coolers work?

Evaporative coolers or what we often call as air coolers basically use the evaporated water to cool down a room. Unlike air conditioners, air coolers can cool a certain spot only at a given location.

They produce cool mist into the air, which is then further propelled by the fan. For wider cooling reach, some users put air coolers need open doors and windows to facilitate better flow of cooler air.

Choosing between air coolers and air conditioners

Air coolers are proven to be more energy-efficient than aircons, with a remarkable difference of up to 75% in terms of energy consumption. They also do not make the air dry, unlike an air conditioner, does, and instead improve the overall air quality of the room.

The limitation though is that it cannot spread out cold air as effectively as air conditioners. This has something to do with their distinct operating mechanism, making air coolers more strategic for immediate and short-term cooling needs.

Air conditioners, on the other hand, are the best options for larger and more constant cooling requirements.

If you intend to invest in an air cooler now, here are our top list:

  1. Arctic Air Ultra Portable Mini Air Cooler
  2. Simplybest Arctic Air Mini Usb Portable Desktop Personal Space Cooler ands Humidifier
  3. Midea Ionizer Air Cooler(15l) With Remote Control – Mac-215f