6 Best Levoit Air Purifier Reviews in Malaysia – 2023 Comparison

Air pollution is a problem not to be taken lightly, especially in urban areas. For many of us, the need for a quality air purifier in Malaysia has become an essential investment – and there are a few brands that can rival Levoit when it comes to picking out the best machine for your home. This blog post will take you through some of the top-rated Levoit air purifiers from their range and help you determine which fits your lifestyle and budget. Read on to discover more about choosing one of these fantastic machines and why investing in an intelligent Levoit air purifier is worth it!


Levoit has a range of well-designed models to suit all needs, from large rooms to small apartments. Their air cleaners can capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, like dust mites, mould spores or pet dander, so your family can breathe easily in their home environment. They come equipped with features such as Smart Sensor Technology, QuietKEAP™ Technology and H13 True HEPA Filtration, which work together to deliver clean air quickly and silently into the room.

Additionally, some models are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can control it remotely by voice command for added convenience. With this level of technology packed in a single device, you can be sure that your living spaces will remain free from pollutants at all times!

6 Top-Rated Levoit Air Purifiers in Malaysia

From Levoit Core 300S to the Core Mini Portable Desktop Air Purifier, find out which model suits your needs and enjoy fresher air!

1. Levoit Core 300S

Levoit Core 300S

Compact Design

The Levoit Core 300S Air Purifier is an efficient, modern air purifier that helps improve your home’s air quality for a healthier life. The H13 True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns or smaller, making it incredibly effective at cleaning the air in your home. In addition, the ARC Formula technology helps to neutralise odours and fumes with a High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter.

The truly innovative feature of this air purifier is its VortexAir Technology which provides a CADR of 240m³ and refreshes the air in a 50 m²/ 538 sqft. space up to 2x per hour (ACH). This extraordinary performance means that you have clean, fresh air in your home in no time. Moreover, this model also includes QuietKeap Technology, with noise levels as low as 22dB, so you can have a quiet and peaceful atmosphere without worrying about noise pollution.

Finally, thanks to AirSight™ Plus Technology, this air purifier automatically scans surrounding air for particles and updates its settings accordingly. This ensures you always have the most up-to-date air quality information at your fingertips! With all its features, this air purifier is perfect for ensuring their home is filled with clean and healthy air. I highly recommend this product – get yours today and enjoy the ease of mind of breathing easier!


  • Provides safe and reliable performance with certified by Energy Star, CARB, and FCC, as well as CA Prop 65 compliant and ETL listed
  • Arc Formula traps airborne particles 0.3 microns in size
  • VortexAir Technology provides a CADR of 240m³, completely refreshing a 50 m²/ 538 sq.ft space
  • QuietKeap Technology runs with noise levels as low as 22dB, allowing for ideal sleep mode


  • Not portable must stay set up in one place to work efficiently.
  • It might be too powerful for smaller rooms.
  • Filters need to be replaced frequently.
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2. Levoit Core P350

Levoit Core P350

If you’re a proud pet parent, you know all too well how much pet dander, fur, and odours can accumulate in your home. The Levoit Core P350 Air Purifier is a must-have for your home if you’re looking to eliminate pet-related airborne particles while keeping noise levels low.

This air purifier has a 3-stage filtration system to capture pet fur, pet dander, and airborne particles. It also utilises QuietKEAP Technology to keep noise levels to a minimum, so you can enjoy a peaceful living environment. The powerful ARC Formula, exclusively developed by Levoit, helps absorb and eliminate pet odours. The VortexAir Technology enhances air purification, so your home will always feel fresh and clean.

The Levoit Core P350 Air Purifier has everything you need to create a clean and healthy home for you and your furry family. With its advanced filtration technology and quiet operation, you can trust that your home will be free of pet-related allergens and odours. Now’s the time to invest in a clean and healthy home- make the Levoit Core P350 Air Purifier a part of your home today!


  • Captures pet fur, dander, and airborne particles
  • Adsorbs and eliminates pet odours
  • Ultra quiet with noise levels as low as 24dB
  • Combats allergens, smells, and other contaminants from pets


  • Requires frequent filter replacements to maintain maximum performance
  • It can be loud on the highest settings
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3. Levoit Core 600S

Levoit Core 600S

The Levoit Core 600S Air Purifier is an exceptional choice for homeowners looking for an air purifier that can handle large spaces. With a coverage area of up to 635 ft2, it can quickly and efficiently refresh the air 5 times an hour. In addition to its extensive coverage, the Levoit Core 600S utilises H13 True HEPA filtration, which can capture up to 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. This makes it one of the most reliable air purifiers for trapping small particles like dust mites, pet dander, and even common allergens. The Levoit Core 600S is also incredibly quiet, making it the perfect air purifier for a peaceful living environment.

Beyond the air purifying capabilities of the Levoit Core 600S, there is also the Auto Mode setting which is incredible for convenience and efficiency. This allows the fan speed to be adjusted automatically depending on the air quality of your home. As a result, you don’t have to constantly adjust the fan speed manually to maintain a comfortable breathing environment. It also features QuietKEAP™ Technology which keeps noise levels at a near-silent 26dB – ideal for napping and sleeping without the distraction of loud fan noises.

In conclusion, the Levoit Core 600S Air Purifier has much to offer homeowners looking for a reliable air purifier. Its extensive coverage, H13 True HEPA filtration capabilities, Auto Mode setting and QuietKEAP™ Technology all come together to ensure that your home will be filled with only clean and fresh air. If you’re looking for a dependable and efficient air purifier that won’t take up a lot of space, this air purifier is definitely worth considering.


  • H13 True HEPA Filtration captures at least 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size
  • Extra broad coverage refreshes the air 5x per hour in rooms as large as 635 ft2
  • Auto Mode conveniently adjusts fan speeds based on air quality
  • QuietKEAP™ Technology ensures near-silent noise levels of 26dB


  • Expensive price tag
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4. Levoit Core Mini Portable Desktop

Levoit Core Mini

The Levoit Core Mini Portable Desktop Air Purifier is an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to improve the air quality in their home. This air purifier is loaded with features that make it an easy choice. The 3-stage filtration process captures smoke, odours, fumes and at least 97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size. Suppose you’re looking for a way to add more scent to your home. In that case, the aromatherapy feature allows you to add your favourite essential oils to the purifier. Plus, with VortexAir™ Technology and the ability to cover rooms up to 178 ft2 / 17 m2, the Core Mini is a powerful air purifier that won’t take up too much space or make too much noise.

In addition to its impressive features, the Core Mini is also built with ease of use in mind. There’s no complicated setup process; just unbox, plug it in, and you’re good to go. For even more convenience, one-touch operation lets you cycle through fan speeds and reset the Check Filter Indicator. It even has Patented QuietKEAP™ Technology that reduces noise levels to as low as 25dB.

This air purifier is ideal for any homeowner looking to improve their home’s air quality. With its powerful filtration system, aromatherapy feature, and noise reduction technology, this air purifier offers a convenient and effective way to freshen up any living space. So don’t hesitate; get the Core Mini today and experience the clean air your home deserves.


  • 3-Stage filtration to trap smoke, odours, fumes and 97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size
  • Ideal room size of 178 ft2 / 17 m2 with patented VortexAir™ Technology
  • Aromatherapy feature to add essential oils for a personalised atmosphere
  • Ultra-Quiet with patented QuietKEAP™ Technology for noise levels as low as 25dB


  • Expensive, considering the small size of the unit
  • Not ideal for larger rooms (178 sq ft max)
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5. Levoit Core 200S

Levoit Core 200S

The Levoit Core 200S Air Purifier is an ideal purchase for any homeowner looking to improve the air quality in their home. This air purifier is outfitted with ultra-fine Nylon Pre-Filters that capture large particles like dust, lint, and hair and an H13 True HEPA Filter that eliminates 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size. In addition, this air purifier also has a high-efficiency activated carbon filter that neutralises smoke, fumes, VOCs, and household odours. All these features come together to provide you with cleaner, healthier air in the comfort of your own home.

What makes this air purifier even better is the added convenience of voice control with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With this feature, you can easily adjust the settings across the room without having to get up and manually set them yourself. You can also set up 2,4, or 8-hour timers or customise schedules through the VeSync app to suit your needs.

Overall, the Levoit Core 200S Air Purifier is an effective and convenient way to improve the air quality in your home. Its features help to eliminate particles, smoke, and odours from the air, making for a healthier and more comfortable living environment. If you’re looking for an easy way to create a healthier home, look no further than this air purifier from Levoit.


  • Captures 99.97% of harmful airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size
  • Three layers of defence to filter and purify the air
  • Connect to VeSync App to manage the air purifier’s activity from anywhere
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control


  • The filter needs to be changed every 6-8 months
  • Does not have a built-in air quality sensor
  • No WiFi connectivity; must use an app or voice commands to control it.
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6. Levoit LV-H128 Desktop Air Purifier

Levoit LV-H128

As a homeowner, I’m always looking for ways to improve my home’s air quality, and the Levoit LV-H128 Desktop Air Purifier takes that to the next level. This air purifier offers a 3-stage filtration system that can trap dust and airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, ensuring your family breathes clean air. It also provides a sleep mode that keeps the noise level down to 24dB, so you don’t have to worry about distracting noises while trying to rest.

The LV-H128 also comes with aromatherapy capabilities. You can add your favourite essential oils to the air purifier to spread fresh scents throughout your home. Even better, the air purifier has a sleek and compact design that fits perfectly in any room. With its combination of superior filtration and attractive design, this air purifier is perfect for a modern home.

If you’re looking for a way to improve the air quality in your home and make it look great at the same time, I highly recommend the Levoit LV-H128 Desktop Air Purifier. With its advanced filtration system and low noise levels, this air purifier will help you and your family breathe easier while adding a touch of sophistication to your home. So what are you waiting for? Get this air purifier today and start breathing cleaner air tomorrow!


  • 3-Stage Filtration to capture particles and unpleasant odours for clean and fresh air
  • Aromatherapy for a customised scent with your favourite essential oils
  • Sleep Mode for near-silent noise levels for undisturbed rest
  • Compact design to add a tasteful addition to any desktop or table


  • Smaller than some others and only suitable for smaller spaces
  • Not as powerful as some other air purifiers
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Price Comparison in Malaysia

Regarding air purifiers, Levoit is one of the top brands to consider. Not only do their products come with innovative features and effective performance, but they also offer competitive prices in Malaysia. Here, we compare the price of some of the most popular Levoit air purifiers so that you can pick one according to your budget.

The Levoit Core 300S Air Purifier is a powerful yet compact model that covers up to 215 square feet areas at an affordable price tag of RM489. For bigger rooms, the Core P350 and 600S models cost around RM539 and RM1179, respectively, while providing superior filtering coverage for up to 550 sqft of space.

If portability matters more than size, then you should check out the Core Mini Desktop Air Purifier, which comes for about RM229 and provides quality filtration for 90sqft areas without taking up much space on your desk or tabletop.

Those who prefer smaller-sized models with basic functionalities can get the entry-level Levoit Core 200S Air Purifier costing around RM389, which cleans area up to 219 sqft and saves costs by using reusable filters instead of replaceable ones like other pricey models from competitors

Unique Features of Levoit Air Purifiers

Levoit air purifiers come with a handful of innovative features to ensure maximum performance, including Extra broad coverage that refreshes the air 5x per hour in rooms, Auto Mode adjustment for better air quality, near-silent noise levels and more. Learn about all these features and more in this blog!

Extra broad coverage refreshes the air 5x per hour in rooms

This is an excellent option for busy households with multiple family members living together to ensure clean and fresh air at all times. With a wide range of models designed specifically for different purposes, from desktop units to portable units, it’s easy to find one that fits your needs. The Core 300S Air Purifier can cover up to 500 square feet, providing effective filtration for even larger spaces.

Auto Mode conveniently adjusts fan speeds based on air quality

The Auto Mode feature of Levoit air purifiers provides extra convenience for people who don’t have the time to manually adjust fan speeds. This mode automatically adjusts settings according to the air quality in your surrounding environment. It will increase or decrease fan speed depending on whether there’s a high concentration of airborne contaminants, which saves you from worrying about constantly monitoring and adjusting it yourself.

QuietKEAP™ Technology ensures near-silent noise levels

QuietKEAP™ technology is a unique feature that ensures near-silent noise levels for the Levoit air purifiers in Malaysia. This advanced technology makes it a perfect choice for quiet areas such as bedrooms, living rooms and offices. The noise level of this filter is rated at only 24 dB — equivalent to the sound of rustling leaves. Unlike other conventional air purifier models, you won’t have to worry about the noisy fan disrupting your sleep or peace at home when using the Levoit air purifier. It also has multiple fan speeds allowing you to adjust it according to your preference and desired silence level while running without compromising its performance in flushing out airborne particles from indoor spaces.

Smart apps & integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

For homeowners looking to make their lives easier, Levoit air purifiers offer an innovative solution for maintaining a healthy living environment. Beyond essential functions such as activating and deactivating the device and adjusting fan speed, the smart app allows you to monitor the air quality in your space from anywhere with your mobile device.

Additionally, it can be connected to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control over your air purifier – allowing you to turn it on and off remotely without lifting a finger! This feature is beneficial if children or older adults at home may need help operating the purifier when no one else is around. With its integration into popular home automation technologies, Levoit’s smart app helps homeowners control their indoor environment with minimal effort.

H13 True HEPA Filtration

H13 True HEPA filters are essential to ensure your air stays clean and free of airborne particles. The Levoit air purifiers make sure to have H13 True HEPA filtration system, which can help provide a cleaner, healthier living environment for you and your family. This type of filter is tested to capture 99.97% of all allergens, dust, mites, pollen and even pet dander down to 0.3 microns in size or larger, so it ensures an excellent performance when it comes to eliminating contaminants from the indoor air. It’s important to remember that every LEVOIT purifier uses a genuine H13-graded filter rather than cheaper alternatives like activated carbon or pre-filters used by other brands, as those types don’t deliver the same level of quality or effectiveness when filtering out pollutants found indoors, such as household chemicals or smoke residues left behind after cooking meals.

Factors to Consider

If you’re considering buying a Levoit air purifier, keep reading to learn more about the critical factors you should consider before making your purchase.

Size of The Room

When considering which Levoit air purifier is the best for you, it’s essential to consider the size of the room that needs to be purified. A larger model like the Levoit Core 600S Air Purifier would be ideal if you want a unit that can easily clean large rooms. It has a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of up to 380 m³/h and covers spaces up to 538 ft² in size. This means it can eliminate airborne allergens such as mould spores and dust particles quickly and effectively without wasting too much effort or time.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller space that needs purifying, opting for something like the Levoit Core 200S Air Purifier might be better suited for your home. It has an incredibly small body but still packs quite a punch due to its CADR rating at 220 m³/h, making it perfect for bedrooms or other small living spaces up to 219 ft².

Type of Filters

When looking for an air purifier, one of the most important factors you should consider is the type of filters used in the unit. Levoit air purifiers offer three filters: pre-filters, True HEPA filters and activated carbon filters. Pre-filters remove large particulates from the air, such as dust and pet hair, which helps extend the life span of the other two more expensive types of the filter inside. True HEPA filters are designed to capture small particles up to 0.3 microns that can cause breathing problems such as allergies or asthma. Activated carbon filters have strong adsorption properties that allow them to absorb odours, chemical vapours and other volatile organic compounds to prevent them from entering your lungs during inhalation. To ensure optimal performance and safety, replacing these filters every 6 months depending on usage frequency and environment condition around your home or office space, is recommended.

Additional features

When evaluating the best Levoit air purifiers in Malaysia, it is essential to consider their features, as they can significantly enhance your home’s air quality. Each model within the Levoit range features additional features that may benefit your space.

For instance, the Core 300S Air Purifier has a timer that lets you set the device for up to 12 hours at a time without any manual adjustments. Furthermore, it also has an OLED display with real-time readings of indoor temperature and humidity levels, allowing you to make better decisions regarding your health and comfort.

Meanwhile, the Core Mini Portable Desktop Air Purifier comes with an adjustable 360°air outlet so you can direct clean air where it’s needed most, thanks to its 3D circulating structure design. It also allows multiple units set up through WiFi networks for larger spaces or simultaneous coverage in multiple rooms!


How Much Does a Levoit Air Purifier Cost in Malaysia?

The price of a Levoit air purifier depends on multiple factors, such as what type of filter the model needs, how many features the model has and which size of the room the air purifier is needed for. Generally speaking, prices vary from RM229 to RM1179, depending on your needs.

Where to Buy Levoit Air Purifiers in Malaysia?

When shopping for a Levoit air purifier in Malaysia, one option is to purchase it through platforms like Lazada or Shopee, which frequently offer discounted product prices. Online retailers provide convenient delivery options that help you save time and money when shopping for your favourite LEVOIT product. It's easy to find more detailed product information about features plus customer reviews which can be helpful when deciding which model of air purifier is right for you before buying.

Who Should Buy?

Levoit air purifiers are suitable for most homeowners looking to improve their indoor air quality. They are especially great if you have allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions triggered by dust and pet dander. With their advanced filtration system and low noise levels, Levoit air purifiers can help reduce airborne particles such as pollen and smoke. At the same time, it simultaneously relieves congestion and itchy eyes. The versatility of these devices makes them ideal for both large rooms like living rooms and small spaces like bedrooms or offices.


In conclusion, Levoit air purifiers are a great choice to help you improve the air quality in your home or office. It is essential to consider factors such as the size of the room, type of filters, additional features and price when shopping for an air purifier. With their robust filtration systems, extra broad coverage area and unique QuietKEAP™ Technology that ensures near-silent noise levels, Levoit air purifiers offer buyers an effective solution for improving your indoor environment.