6 Best Portable Air Conditioners in Malaysia – 2023 Review

Malaysia’s weather just seems to be getting more erratic year after year. If you have lived for a couple of months in the country, then you probably experience how humid it can get in just about any city for most parts of the year. This is why demands for various ventilating and cooling electronics continue to rise in Malaysia.

One of our recent discoveries in our search for a cooler living space here in KL is portable air conditioners. They allow us to enjoy the comforts of an air-conditioned room, but less the hassle of having an actual AC installed. Here are our top 10 recommendations for portable ACs that you can find in Malaysia.

Table of Contents

    1. Self-Diagnosis and Auto Protection: Midea MPH-09CRN1
    2. Easy to install: Midea 1.5hp MPF-12CRN1
    3. Customizable temperature setting: Morgan MAC-091
    4. Portable and easy to move: Pensonic PPA-1010
    5. Durable: EcoCooling LH360V
    6. Low Noise Operation: EcoCooling LH980V
  • What is the difference between a portable aircon and an evaporative cooler?

Comparison Table

Product Price Power Weight
Midea MPH-09CRN RM919.00 1.0 HP 23.8 KG
Midea 1.5hp MPF-12CRN1 RM1,199.00 1.5 HP 28 KG
Morgan MAC-091 RM939.00 1.0 HP 26.5 KG
Pensonic PPA-101 RM1,098.00 1.0 HP 24.4 KG
EcoCooling LH360V RM760.00 40L N/A
EcoCooling LH980V RM1,500.00 90L N/A

1. Midea MPH-09CRN1 1.0hp Portable Air Conditioner

 Self-Diagnosis and Auto Protection

The Midea MPH-09CRN1 0hp Portable Air Conditioner is the perfect appliance for hot summer days, with a powerful cooling capacity to keep your home or office feeling comfortable and cool. The Self Evaporative System ensures energy efficiency while also reducing humidity levels in the air. Plus, conveniently move it wherever you need extra cooling thanks to its omnidirectional caster wheels!

With so many features packed into this compact device, you can make sure that your comfort needs are taken care of with no hassle at all. The Self-Diagnosis and Auto Protection feature prevents any damage from occurring due to malfunctioning or overworking, plus there’s an adjustable timer setting which makes it easier than ever to plan when the air conditioner will turn on or off according to your schedule!

All in all, if you’re looking for a reliable portable air conditioning unit that is easy to install and use then look no further – the Midea MPH-09CRN1 0hp Portable Air Conditioner has everything you need for a cool summer experience without worry! So what are you waiting for? Get yours today and enjoy superior comfort this season!


  • Self Evaporative System ensures maximum energy efficiency
  • Easy Installation allows for quick set up and use
  • Timer feature enables automatic shutoff at the desired time


  • It does not have a dehumidifying function.


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2. Midea 1.5hp MPF-12CRN1 1.5HP Portable Air Conditioner

Easy to install

The Midea 5HP Portable Air Conditioner is an excellent choice for anyone looking to stay cool in the hot summer months. Not only does this portable AC offer a powerful cooling power of up to 5 HP, but it also has some great features that make it even more appealing. First, there is the ionizer, which helps improve air quality and reduce allergens from circulating through your home or office. There’s also an easy installation process that makes setting up your AC quick and simple.

Aside from these great features, the Midea 5HP Portable Air Conditioner also offers a self-evaporative system designed to reduce condensation buildup, helping you keep your unit running at peak performance all summer long. Plus, with its auto restart function and timer settings you can set the temperature just how you like it and have peace of mind knowing your AC will automatically turn back on after a power outage or when pre-set times are reached without manual intervention each time!

All in all, if you’re looking for an effective way to beat the heat this summer – look no further than the Midea 5HP Portable Air Conditioner! With its powerful cooling abilities and user-friendly features such as ionizing technology and timers – this unit really does help take care of all your needs! So why not give it a try today? You won’t regret investing in such reliable convenience!


  • Self-evaporative system for efficient cooling
  • Auto restart function and timer for convenience
  • Omni direction casters for flexibility of movement


  • The noise level might be too high for some users
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3. Morgan MAC-091 Feather Lite Portable Air Conditioner

Customizable temperature setting

The Morgan MAC-091 Feather Lite Portable Air Conditioner is a great air conditioner for anyone looking to keep cool in the summer. With up to 9000 BTU/hr cooling capacity and suitable for rooms up to 14-20m², it’s powerful enough to lower the temperature in any room. Not only that but with its 3-in-1 function of Cooling, Dehumidifying, and Fan with LOW/HIGH fan speeds you can easily adjust the settings according to your needs.

The LED display and 24-hour ON/OFF timer for temperature setting (16ºC-30ºC) are convenient features as well making it easy to use and control the environment in any room. Moreover, it also comes with remote control and washable filters so you won’t have to worry about constantly cleaning or replacing them after every use. Plus, thanks to its Self evaporation system technology all excess water will be recycled back into natural vapour improving efficiency significantly without having messy buckets around your floors!

To sum things up, there’s no doubt that this air conditioning unit from Morgan has come through at an amazing price point while delivering an excellent performance that matches more expensive models out there on the market today! If you’re looking for an efficient AC solution within budget then definitely check out this great product available now at Morgan Stores near you!


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Cooling, dehumidifying, and fan functions in one unit
  • Equipped with remote control for effortless adjustment


  • May not be suitable for large rooms (recommended up to 14-20m²)
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4. Pensonic PPA-1010 1.0hp Portable Air Conditioner

Portable and easy to move

The Pensonic PPA-1010 0hp Portable Air Conditioner is a great way to keep your home cool and comfortable all season long! Not only does its 410m3/h air flow volume and 64 dB(A) noise level ensure maximum efficiency, but its durable swivel caster makes moving it from room to room an easy task. Its LED display control panel allows you to set a timer, sleep mode, dehumidifying, and vertical auto swing modes according to your needs; this means that not only do you stay comfortable, but energy bills are kept low due to the unit’s energy-saving features.

Maintenance for the Pensonic PPA-1010 0hp Portable Air Conditioner is also incredibly simple thanks to its centrifugal fan type which requires minimal upkeep over time; this ensures that your AC will remain in optimal working condition over many years of use! Additionally, the refrigerant R410A used in this air conditioner prevents any potential environmental hazards associated with other AC units – making it even more eco-friendly than before!

All in all, the Pensonic PPA-1010 0hp Portable Air Conditioner is sure to both provide energy savings as well as keep you feeling cool and refreshed during hot summer days – making it one of the best portable air conditioning units on the market today! So if you’re looking for an efficient yet affordable solution for cooling down at home or the office today then be sure to get your hands on this reliable option from Pensonic now!


  • Easy-to-use LED display control panel
  • Quiet operation with a noise level of 64 dB(A)
  • Energy efficient, with the refrigerant R410A


  • The Pensonic PPA-1010 model may cost more than other portable air conditioners in the same category.
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5. EcoCooling LH360V


The EcoCooling LH360V provides a great way to enjoy cool, refreshing air during hot summer days. It comes with 2-speed control, so you can choose the perfect setting for your needs. Plus, it has a 40L water tank capacity with an indicator that lets you know when it’s time to refill. With 3600CBM/H of airflow and the thick cooling pad made from ABS material, its sure to keep any room at just the right temperature.

Not only does this product keep your area comfortable and cool but also includes an air filter which helps purify and circulate clean air throughout as well! This feature is important considering all of us spend more time indoors than ever before – helping us stay healthy in our homes while staying comfortable simultaneously.

For anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to beat the heat this summer season, look no further than the EcoCooling LH360V! Investing in one now will ensure you’re able to better enjoy balmy summer evenings without worrying about excess sweat or discomfort caused by rising temperatures; allowing for maximum relaxation and comfort all season long!


  • High energy efficiency and portability
  • Easy to transfer anywhere with its evaporative water feature
  • High speed blowing up to 3600 CBM/H


  • High installation cost
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6. EcoCooling LH980V

Low Noise Operation

The EcoCooling LH980V is an excellent way to keep your home cool on those hot summer days. Its 90L water capacity provides ample cooling power and the high-speed fan ensures that you get a refreshing breeze in no time. With its ABS material, it is also made to last for years of reliable use. The air filter that comes with this cooler helps ensure only clean air is circulated your house by filtering out dust, dirt, and other harmful particles from the air.

In addition to the impressive cooling capabilities provided by this product, it comes with a washable filter which makes maintenance very easy and convenient. This saves you time as there’s no need to replace or clean filters regularly. Additionally, it can be placed anywhere in your house as long as there’s an electrical outlet nearby since there are no complicated installation processes required for this unit like many others of its kind.

All in all, we highly recommend EcoCooling LH980V for anyone looking for a powerful yet affordable solution when it comes to keeping their homes cool during summertime! Its durable construction allows you peace of mind knowing that this cooler won’t let you down anytime soon while its effective cooling abilities make sure that every stay-at-home day feels comfortable and enjoyable even under extreme weather conditions – so don’t wait any longer – buy now!


  • Lower energy consumption than traditional air conditioners
  • Effective cooling and air circulation
  • Washable filter for convenience and cost savings


Low power output compared to other products of the same size


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What is the difference between a portable aircon and an evaporative cooler?

While both portable and easy to use, the main difference lies in the cooling mechanism that these two use. Basically, for air coolers, you will need a huge amount of water or ice for it to be able to cool the room. It also adds more moisture to space; it is cooling, so it might not be the best option for areas with already high humidity levels.

On the other hand, portable AC is still powered by a condenser, thus not needing water for its cooling function. However, contrary to an evaporative cooler, it again comes with an exhaust hose as the typical aircon, which needs to extract the hot air from the room through that vent. This is an important consideration when buying portable aircon.