7 Best Stand Fan in Malaysia You Can Buy


In the warm and bustling cities of Malaysia, finding the perfect stand fan becomes an essential quest for comfort. As temperatures climb, everyone from bustling families to hard-working singles share a common desire: to beat the heat without breaking their wallets.

With so many options available, making an informed decision can feel as overwhelming as standing under the midday sun.

These brands balance powerful airflow with energy-saving technology – key features in choosing your ideal cooling companion.

This blog post will be your beacon through humid afternoons and stuffy nights by navigating you towards the best stand fans on offer in Malaysia today. We’ll help narrow down choices based on size, noise level, efficiency, and extra perks like remote controls or air purifying functions.

By tapping into detailed comparisons and tips for longevity maintenance, you’re about to breeze through your shopping journey with confidence! Ready? Let’s dive in!

Top Stand Fans in Malaysia

Quick Recommendation

Comparison Table

Product Name Price Number of Blades Power (W) Net Weight
Midea Stand Fan MF-16FS10N RM 118.00 5 50W 5.9 kg
Toshiba Stand Fan F-LSA10 / F-SYA10 RM 299.00 5 50W 7.2 kg
Midea MF-16FS15F Stand Fan RM 299.00 5 50W 5.84 pounds
Khind Stand Fan SF141 RM 329.00 4 50W 5.6kg
KDK 16\” Stand Fan KX405 RM 189.00 3 49.8 – 63.8W 8.30 kg
Houm M16 Stand Fan RM 458.00 4 60W 5.5 kg
Elba Stand Fan 16 inch ESF-E1638TM RM 150.70 5 55W 7.10kg

*prices may differ at time of purchase

#1 – Midea Stand Fan 16 (3 Speed Settings) MF-16FS10N

Powerful and Adjustable Cooling Solution for Homes in Malaysia


  • 16-inch size for powerful air circulation
  • Sleek black colour for a modern look
  • Energy-efficient with only 55W power consumption
  • Sturdy build with a gross weight of 7.1 kg
  • Convenient dimensions (452.0mm x 400.0mm x 1365.0mm)
  • Model Number: MF-16FS10N

The Midea Stand Fan MF-16FS10N stands out in its category for offering versatility and comfort control at an accessible price point. With three distinct speed settings, users can easily adjust the breeze intensity to match their preferences, making it a favourite choice for diverse indoor environments. The ability to change the tilting angle and engage oscillation further enhances its user-friendly nature, ensuring airflow coverage across a wider area.

This model’s 16-inch size complements its 55-watt power output, striking a balance between efficient air circulation and energy use. The sleek black design integrates well with various room aesthetics without drawing undue attention. Moreover, the robust construction paired with a simple set-up process makes it reliable and convenient for everyday use.


Our decision to place the MF-16FS10N atop our recommended list is based on its well-rounded features that cater to practical needs without overcomplicating functions. It exemplifies how straightforward design choices focused on user experience can yield a product that satisfies basic home climate control requirements efficiently and affordably.


  • The Midea Stand Fan MF – 16FS10N offers 3-speed options for personalized comfort.
  • Its adjustable tilting angle and oscillation feature provide wide coverage to cool the entire room.
  • With a 16-inch size and 55 watts of power, it delivers efficient cooling performance.
  • The sleek black colour adds a stylish touch to any space.


  • Limited color options
  • May produce some noise at higher speeds
  • Assembly required before use

Ideal for households in Malaysia seeking a reliable and powerful cooling solution, the Midea Stand Fan MF-16FS10N is perfect for anyone looking to stay cool during hot weather. Upgrade your comfort today with this versatile fan.

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#2 – Toshiba 16 Inch (5 Blade) Stand Fan F-LSA10 / F-LSA10(W)

Powerful and Wide-Angle Cooling Solution for Your Home


  • Powerful 400mm blade diameter for effective air circulation
  • Versatile 3 – 3-speed settings to customize airflow
  • Wide 80-degree oscillation for widespread coverage
  • Sturdy and portable design weighing only 7.0 kg
  • Compatible with standard power supply of 220 – 240V and frequency of 50Hz
  • Compact dimensions of 455 x 400 x1330mm for space – saving placement

The Toshiba Stand Fan F-LSA10 / F-SYA10 brings a breath of fresh air with its exceptional features designed to provide comfort and efficiency. With a unique dual-channel airflow system, this fan stands out by delivering powerful gusts of cool air, ensuring every corner of your room stays well-ventilated even during the hottest days. Its robust motor isn’t just about strength; it also offers longevity that surpasses ordinary fans. The capacity for long-distance blowing is another standout trait—it’s impressive how the 11-meter reach makes it feel like a breeze from across the room.

Dive deeper into its design, and you’ll discover clever engineering in the form of five horn-like blades that cut through the air smoothly yet forcefully, contributing to that satisfying chill factor without excessive noise. And let’s not overlook convenience—the expansive 80° swinging angle means widespread coverage so everyone can enjoy a cooling effect throughout larger spaces.

Securing our recognition as No. 2 on our list wasn’t by chance for this Toshiba model; it balances high performance with user-friendly features seamlessly. As an affordable solution to beat heat in any Malaysian home without compromising quality or durability, this stand fan checks all boxes for power-packed performance tied up in sleek sophistication—a cool companion ready to deliver when temperatures rise.


  • Dual – Dual-channel strong Air Flow for efficient cooling
  • 11m Blowing Distance ensures widespread air circulation
  • 5 Fan Blades Designed for enhanced airflow and coverage
  • Powerful Motor delivers consistent and powerful performance


  • Limited speed settings
  • Some users may find the swinging angle to be insufficient for their needs
  • Relatively higher noise level compared to other stand fans

For those seeking a powerful and efficient cooling solution, the Toshiba Stand Fan F-LSA10 / F-SYA10 is ideal. With its strong airflow and wide swinging angle, this fan is perfect for individuals looking to keep their homes cool and comfortable. Embrace ultimate comfort today!

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#3 – Midea MF-16FS15F Stand Fan 16 Inch (5 Blades) With Timer

Energy-efficient cooling solution for practical homeowners in Malaysia.


  • Powerful airflow for effective cooling
  • Adjustable height and angle for personalized comfort
  • Wide oscillation coverage to cool a larger area
  • Energy-efficient operation for cost savings
  • Easy assembly and convenient storage
  • Sleek design to complement any decor

The Midea MF-16FS15F Stand Fan stands out with its energy-efficient 5-star rating, consuming a mere 50 watts of power while delivering impressive airflow. This not only ensures a cooler environment but also keeps electricity bills low, making it an ideal choice for those looking to save on energy costs without sacrificing performance.

This model boasts a substantial 16-inch blade size housed within a sturdy frame that extends up to 1370mm in height, ensuring optimum air circulation throughout the room. Its sleek design complements any interior décor and occupies minimal space, making it perfect for both home and office use.

Earning our No.3 spot isn’t by chance; the Midea MF-16FS15F excels in merging functionality with economy. It’s robust yet lightweight, tipping the scales at just over 5 kilograms – this ease of mobility allows users to effortlessly move it where cooling is needed most. In today’s market full of options, this stand fan strikes the right balance between cost-effectiveness and reliable performance, cementing its place as a top contender for anyone searching for practical cooling solutions.


  • The 16-inch blade size provides powerful airflow for effective cooling in any room.
  • With a power consumption of just 50 watts, the Midea MF – 16FS15F Stand Fan offers energy efficiency and cost savings.
  • Operating at a voltage of 220 – 240 volts, this fan is compatible with most standard electrical systems.
  • Its 5-star energy rating ensures that it operates with maximum energy efficiency, reducing environmental impact.


  • Consumes slightly higher power compared to other stand fans
  • Limited colour options are available
  • May produce some noise at the highest speed

The Midea MF-16FS15F Stand Fan is perfect for the practical homeowner in Malaysia seeking energy-efficient cooling solutions. Harness the power of 5-star energy-saving technology to stay cool while reducing electricity costs.

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#4 – Khind Stand Fan SF141 (14 Antique Stand Fan)

Powerful, adjustable and durable cooling solution for any room.


  • 14-inch blade size for wide air coverage
  • Offers low power consumption of 35W on low setting
  • Antique Brass colour for a stylish look
  • Operates at a quiet noise level of 57.2 dB
  • Provides high air delivery of 56m3/min
  • Requires minimal assembly and easy to use

The Khind Stand Fan SF141 shines in its blend of durability and performance. With a full metal body and a 14-inch sturdy metal fan blade, it is built to last. The inclusion of a built-in safety thermal fuse adds an extra layer of protection against overheating, making it a reliable choice for long-term use.

Functionality meets flexibility as this fan offers three convenient speed settings controlled by an easy-to-use rotary switch. Whether you need a gentle breeze or powerful airflow, the SF141 has you covered. Its adjustable height feature ensures that you can tailor the cooling effect to your exact preference, whether it’s while lounging on the couch or working away at your desk.


Safety and efficiency go hand in hand with Khind’s offering; not only does the fan come with assured quality backed by generous warranty terms – three years on its robust motor and one year generally – but also operates with considerable energy efficiency. Indeed, from its minimalistic design complemented by an elegant Antique Brass finish to its capability of delivering strong air delivery at low noise levels, this stand fan is poised to be an indispensable addition to any Malaysian home seeking comfort without compromising on style or substance.


  • Built-in Safety Thermal Fuse ensures safe operation and protects against overheating.
  • 3 Speed Setting by Rotary Switch offers customizable airflow to suit varying comfort needs.
  • Adjustable Heights enable personalized positioning for optimal air circulation.
  • 14-inch Metal Fan Blade and Full Metal Body ensure durable construction for long-lasting performance.


  • Limited color options
  • No remote control feature
  • May produce some noise at a higher speed

The Khind Stand Fan SF141 is perfect for individuals looking for a reliable, adjustable, and powerful cooling solution. Whether you’re working from home, enjoying family time in the living room, or need to cool down your bedroom at night, this fan offers the versatility and durability you need. Upgrade your cooling experience today!

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#5 – Kdk 16″ Stand Fan Kx405

Powerful and Quiet Cooling Solution for Ultimate Comfort Needs.


  • Stylish design with deep red or metal grey colour options
  • Powerful motor with RPM ranging from 765 to 1331 for effective air circulation
  • High capacity of 2225 CFM for strong air delivery
  • Low noise level of less than 60 dB for quiet operation
  • Sturdy build with a nett weight of 8.30 kg

The KDK 16″ Stand Fan KX405 stands out as a reliable and efficient choice for cooling needs in homes and offices. Its sturdy design available in deep red or metal grey offers not only an aesthetic touch but also the durability needed for daily use. Operating at a high RPM range of 1089 to 1331, this fan can deliver powerful airflow, measured at 2225 CFM, ensuring that even larger rooms receive ample circulation. Despite its strength, it maintains energy efficiency with motor wattage ranging from just over 40 watts on low settings to under 64 watts on high.

This model is equipped with a four-pole condenser motor which contributes to less noise pollution—an important factor considering the quiet environments of some office spaces or bedrooms where distractions are unwelcomed. With noise levels staying below 60 dB, one can enjoy cool breezes without disruptive sounds. The adjustable height and oscillation controls further add convenience by allowing users to direct air precisely where it’s needed most.


Furthermore, with simple assembly and straightforward operation backed by quality manufacturing synonymous with KDK products, this stand fan represents practicality combined with performance. Whether it’s beating the heat during daytime activities or ensuring a comfortable sleep through humid nights, the KDX405 emerges as a solid companion in managing Malaysia’s tropical climate effectively.


  • KDK 16″ Stand Fan KX405 provides powerful airflow with a capacity of 2225 CFM, ensuring effective cooling in any space.
  • The motor’s low noise level of <60 dB creates a quiet environment, ideal for relaxation or productivity without disturbance.
  • With variable RPM settings and a durable 4-pole condenser motor type, the fan offers customizable comfort and long-term reliability.
  • Available in deep red and metal grey colours, this stand fan adds a stylish touch to any room while offering exceptional performance.


  • The noise level of < 60 dB may still be audible in very quiet environments.
  • At 8.30 kg, the fan might be a bit heavy to move around for some users.
  • Users might prefer additional colour options beyond deep red and metal grey.

Ideal for those seeking a powerful and quiet cooling solution, the KDK 16″ Stand Fan KX405 is perfect for anyone looking to beat the heat without unnecessary noise. Get ready to experience cool comfort at its best!

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#6 – Houm M16 Stand Fan 4 Blades 16-Inch M Series

Ideal for enhancing home comfort with adjustable airflow and style.


  • Adjust air direction easily
  • Vary speed according to your preference
  • Powerful and widespread air circulation
  • Ideal 16-inch fan size
  • Sturdy, durable frame for long-term use
  • Sleek design that fits any home décor

The Houm M16 Stand Fan stands out with its sleek silver look and solid design, easily fitting into the aesthetic of any Malaysian home without drawing unnecessary attention. The fan’s strong air distribution cuts through sweltering heat, delivering a refreshing breeze that feels like a natural wind. With an easy-to-adjust airflow direction feature and multiple speed settings, users can customize their cooling experience to match the day’s needs—whether it’s a gentle draft for a quiet evening read or powerful gusts to cool down quickly after coming in from the sun.

User-friendly features set this stand fan apart from others on the market. Its 16-inch size makes it ideal for both small apartments and larger living spaces, ensuring no corner is left untouched by its reach. The sturdy frame of the Houm M16 is built to last, reassuring consumers they’re investing in a resilient product that will endure over time. Plus, those who have used this stand fan have praised its effectiveness in circulating air throughout various room sizes efficiently.


In every detail—from design to practicality—the Houm M16 Stand Fan reflects thoughtful craftsmanship tailored for user comfort. It represents smart living where efficiency meets style—perfect for Malaysians looking for not just relief from heat but also an appliance that aligns with their home’s character.


  • Adjustable airflow direction for personalized comfort
  • Variable speed settings to cater to different cooling needs
  • Strong air distribution ensures effective cooling in any room
  • A sturdy frame and minimalistic design complement any home interior


  • Limited color options
  • Challenging to assemble for some users
  • A bit noisy at the highest speed

When it comes to those seeking a reliable and stylish cooling solution for their homes, the Houm M16 Stand Fan is ideal for individuals who value both functionality and aesthetics. Elevate your home comfort with the adjustable airflow direction and strong air distribution of this fan.

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#7- Elba Stand Fan 16 inch ESF-E1638TM

Ideal Stand Fan Choice for Reliable, Energy-Efficient Cooling Solutions


  • 16-inch blades for powerful cooling
  • Thermal safety fuse for peace of mind
  • 3 – speed control for customizable airflow
  • Tilt and oscillating angle control for targeted cooling
  • 120 – minute timer for convenience
  • Stylish grey body colour to complement any space

Elba’s ESF-E1638TM stand fan stands out in its category with a robust 50W motor that powers through the heat, offering three distinct wind modes to suit your comfort level. Its five AS blades are engineered for optimal airflow; this efficient design means you stay cool without racking up high electricity bills. While some fans can be an eyesore, the sleek grey body of this Elba model ensures it blends seamlessly into any room décor.

Durability is key with any appliance, and Elba has built this fan to last with a thermal safety fuse that protects against overheating. Though lacking a remote control might seem like a downside at first glance, the easy-to-use interface on the fan itself makes adjustments straightforward – from changing speeds to setting the 120-minute timer. The tilt and oscillation controls also offer versatility whether you need direct air or widespread circulation. In homes where simplicity and reliability are valued over high-tech features, Elba’s stand fan delivers effective cooling without complication.


  • The 16″ blade size and 5-blade design deliver powerful and widespread airflow for effective cooling in any room.
  • The thermal safety fuse ensures peace of mind by automatically shutting off the fan in case of overheating, prioritizing safety.
  • With a 120-minute timer and 3-speed control wind modes, users can customize their cooling experience according to their preferences and needs.
  • Tilt angle and oscillating angle control allow for flexible positioning, providing targeted or wide-ranging air circulation.


  • No remote control
  • Limited colour options are available
  • It may not be suitable for larger rooms

The Elba Stand Fan 16-inch ESF-E1638TM is ideal for individuals seeking a reliable and energy-efficient cooling solution for their homes or offices. Its convenient features, including the 120-minute timer and three-speed control wind modes, make it perfect for those looking to stay cool during hot days. Elevate your comfort with the Elba Stand Fan today!

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Choosing the Right Stand Fan for Your Home

Stand fans are becoming more affordable these days, so it’s not that difficult to integrate them into our homes. Moreover, contrary to wall or ceiling fans, these are relatively easy to install or use, without causing permanent damage to your house.

Choosing a stand fan for your home means also considering the total area of the house that you need to be fan-ventilated. Oftentimes, 16″ 5-blade stand fans with plastic blades are already enough to ventilate a small bedroom. However, for those who require stronger winds, especially those with outdoor functions, industrial stand fans are more efficient in providing a comfortable level of airflow.

Tips for Maintaining and Maximizing the Lifespan of your Stand Fan

To ensure your stand fan lasts longer, make sure to regularly clean and maintain it, store it properly during the off-seasons, and avoid overusing it. Taking these steps will help keep your stand fan in top condition for years to come.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for keeping your stand fan in top condition. By following a routine cleaning schedule, you can prevent dust buildup on the blades and housing, which can affect airflow and lead to noisy operation.

Cleaning the fan every few months or as needed will help maintain optimal performance.

Aside from improving the fan’s efficiency, regular maintenance also helps extend its lifespan by reducing wear and tear on essential components. This simple yet effective practice can also enhance air quality by minimizing allergens, making it a worthwhile investment in both the longevity of your fan and your overall well-being.

Proper Storage During Off-Seasons

When it comes to proper storage during off-seasons, ensure that your stand fan is stored in a clean and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Dismantle the fan carefully if possible, storing it in its original box or a sturdy container to prevent damage and maintain its condition.

These simple steps can help prolong the lifespan of your stand fan and ensure optimal performance when you bring it out for use again.

As you consider proper storage for your stand fan during off-seasons, let’s delve into essential maintenance tips to keep it in top shape for years to come.

Avoiding Overuse

To extend the lifespan of your stand fan, it’s crucial to avoid overuse. Prolonged, uninterrupted use can lead to motor overheating and increased noise levels. Consider turning off the fan when not in the room or adjusting its speed settings to lower levels when high airflow isn’t necessary.

Additionally, taking regular breaks by giving your stand fan some rest periods will help prevent strain on the motor and ensure optimal performance.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your stand fan is essential for preventing dirt accumulation and strain on the fan motor that could reduce its lifespan. When dealing with any electrical appliance, including a stand fan, adopting these practices can make a substantial difference in its durability and efficiency.


In conclusion, after considering the factors when choosing a stand fan and examining the top stand fans in Malaysia, it’s clear that Midea Stand Fan MF-16FS10N with its powerful air circulation and sleek design is an excellent choice.

Additionally, the Toshiba Stand Fan F-LSA10 / F-SYA10 offers effective air circulation with versatile speed settings and wide oscillation for widespread coverage. Both these stand fans prioritize energy efficiency while providing sturdy and portable designs for optimal cooling solutions.